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“I have been a passionate dentist for many years. During these years, dentistry and its technical advancements have come a long way. To practice state of the art dentistry, continuing education is a prerequisite for me. Only years of experience in the practice is what brings professional “know-how” the full circle. As a lecturer and advisor I am committed to giving my acquired knowledge to dental colleagues further. I also organize informative events on themes concerning continuing developments and opportunities of modern dental medicine and publicize in professional magazines.“

Dr. Winfried Walzer –
Your Speiclaist for Implantolopgy and Implant Prothethesis

Dr. Walzer is a certified specialist in implant dentistry. He is an experienced Implantologist, placing implants for more than 30 years. In 2004 he earned his degree as “Certified Implantologiest” from the “German Society of Implantology”. Dr Walzer lectures internationally about innovative implant-prosthetic concepts, using narroe diameter implants to preserve the jawbone and avoid any bone grafts. Dr. Walzer conducts a private practice in an exclusive location in Berlin Charlottenburg. His practice is devoted to Periodontology, Plastic Surgery and Implant Dentistry. To guarantee a high standard of implant prosthetics, the laboratory with highly qualified dental technicians is integrated in his practice. In his second practice in the center of Berlin,, he is conducting seminars with live surgery for dentists as well as educational evening-lectures for patients about various topics on dental health! 

Erfahren Sie hier mehr über Dr. Winfried Walzer - Kurzbiografie

Seit Febr. 2009 Zweitpraxis (Kassenpraxis) in Charlottenburg „Praxis am Stilwerk“ Kantstraße Ecke Uhlandstraße.
2005–2009 Vorträge und Veröffentlichungen zum Thema „Mini-Implantologie“
seit 2001 Praxis mit Schwerpunkt "Implantologie" am Lietzensee in Charlottenburg (Privatpraxis)
1998–2001 Umsiedlung in die USA, Freier Mitarbeiter (Consulting) für eine führende Implantatfirma „Friadent North America“.
1994–1997 Vorträge und Seminare zum Thema „Implantologie“
1986–1997 Eigene Praxis in Berlin (Nähe Wittenbergplatz)
1984–1985 Sabbatical und Musikstudium in Boston (USA)
1979–1980 Verantwortlicher Leiter einer Zahnklinik in Jamaika (Entwicklungshilfe)
1976 Promotion: „Cryochirurgie von Leukoplakien der Mundschleimhaut“
1975 Staatsexamen Johannes Gutenberg Universität in Mainz

Publications of Dr. Walzer

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"C-Teck: Artikel über Dr Walzer, Sofortimplantate. "(in serbischer Sprache) Belgrad 2012

 Dr. Walzer weckte unter IDS-Messegästen breites Interesse an schmalen Implantaten; in Pressbox, Mai 2011

"Miniimplantate als eine Erweiterung des implantologischen Therapiespektrums"; in: ZMK I Jg. 25 I, Ausgabe 9 / September 2009

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"Die attraktive Alternative aus Sicht von Patientin und Zahnarzt"; Patienteninterview zur Versorgung mit Miniimplantaten

"Glück muss man haben"; Patienteninterview zur Versorgung mit Miniimplantaten


"Minimal-invasiv - aber groß im Kommen"; in: DZW Orale Implantologie, 02/09

Artikel zur Spectator Dentistry Fair IDS vom 24.3.2009




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