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Scientifically based therapies are a guideline for our treatment concept, combined with a sound, professional background based on many years of professional experience in implantology and implant-prosthetics, as well as regular continuous education in the field of aesthetic dentistry, periodontics and endodontics.

Dr. Winfried Walzer is a highly trained and experienced dentist who understands how to put his patients at ease through every step of the treatment. We are using digital, computer-aided systems in our Lietzensee Practice, such as digital x-ray units, photo imaging systems and CAD – technology. In addition to the digital x-ray technology, we implement a digital intra-oral camera where by the patient can also see even the smallest details on the screen to gain a better understanding of his diagnosis.

Our dental dental practice in Berlin Charlottenburg is :

  • Specialising in implantology/certified implantologist
  • Reference practice for mini-implants from 3M ESPE
  • A technically well-equipped private practice with modern scanning methods and in-house dental laboratory


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