Modern Technology – in our own In-House-Laboratory 


A close cooperation between dentist and dental technician is especially important throughout the implementation of complex restorative and prosthetic treatments. Our own in-house dental laboratory allows for an optimal interdisciplinary collaboration so that the dental technician’s expertise is included in the primary planning phase. The presence of the technician is always highly valued, especially in matters of aesthetics. Only a professional and experienced team can achieve optimal treatment results. By optimizing communication between lab and dentist, mistakes can be avoided and patient appointments can be reduced to a minimum.

When manufacturing crowns and bridges, we use one of the highest quality computer-controlled processes. With the CAD – Technology from “Nobel Biocare” ceramic scaffolds and crowns with utmost accuracy and fit can be milled from a ceramic block, based on digital data submitted to a milling center via e-mail.

Also, ceramic crowns and veneers "veneers" can thus be manufactured with high precision and optimal aesthetic results.

Die Konstruktion von Zahnkronen und -brücken

Labor 1

Der Zahntechniker bei der Arbeit

Labor 2

Moderne Technik Scantechnologie

Labor 3