Cosmetic Dentistry Aesthetics - Win with your smile

Aesthetics cannot be judged by general criteria it is always based on personal components. This means that the attractiveness of a person does not necessarily relate to the degree of whiteness of his or her teeth.

It isn’t necessary that each natural tooth position and tooth shape should be corrected when the natural teeth match a person's facial expression.

However, often teeth whitening (bleaching) or ceramic veneers, which are glued onto the teeth, enhance the facial expression and attractiveness of a person making a world of difference for a charismatic smile.

Beautiful teeth are an expression of self-confidence and vitality - we are happy to advise you in detail when it comes to the aesthetic aspects of your teeth!

When you are concerned about aesthetic aspects of your anterior (front) teeth, we are using a digital imaging program to demonstrate the desired result before any intervention. This helps you to include family and friends in the decision making process.

All-Ceramic Crowns and Bridges  "Procera Technology“

Latest technologies with computer guided systems (CAD) make it finally possible to produce scaffolds, made of zirconium-oxide ceramic showing sufficient resistance to fracture. With these technologies there is no need to use metal alloys to fabricate crowns and bridges anymore. Also, there is no need to be concerned about allergic reactions to metallic materials.


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Keramische Verblendschalen im Frontzahnbereich

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