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When it comes to the question of keeping or removing a tooth it is of utmost importance that you receive efficient information and a comprehensive explanation about treatment alternatives, including advantages and disadvantages. Whether a root canal- or an intense perio treatment can be performed to preserve a tooth in the long run, or having a tooth removed, in order to preserve the alveolar bone and have it restored with a long lasting implant crown, can be a very difficult decision and requires professional advice and a trustful patient to dentist relationship.

The consequence of tooth loss is a dramatic decline in the jaw bone. As a consequence, implants can only be placed successfully in combination with complex bone- augmentation procedures.

Did you know that ill-fitting dentures can also contribute to further bone loss over the years?

Immediate Implant Placement:

Bone resorption and bone loss in an aesthetic critical area like front teeth can have dramatic consequences, if there is no immediate intervention.

The insertion of an implant immediately after tooth removal can stop bone loss and provide the basis for aesthetic optimal care with an implant-supported crown.

The right timing for an implant placement determines the long-term success of an implant-supported tooth restoration.

Thanks to Dr. Walzer’s intensive training in the field of periodontics and his more than 30 years of experience as an implantologist, you can count on his expertise when it comes to making the correct decisions.

Implants do not always have to be costly! As a longtime consultant and recognized expert in the field of mini - implant prosthetics Dr. Walzer will glady advise you regarding mini-implant-supported dentures, which are a fine option for limited financial resources.

Implant supported tooth restorations not only give you the ability to chew again, but also the pleasurable feeling of having natural teeth and more important of increase in life quality and regaining your self esteem.


3M ESPE MDI mini-dental implants are small biocompatible screws-implants which are placed with a minimal invasive procedure into the bone under local anesthesia.

With the MDI mini-dental implant supported prosthesis we are finally able to offer our edentulous patients a very successful and inexpensive treatment concept.  The treatment can be competed in only one appointment. It is a perfect treatment for all patients who are hesitant to have implants because of anxiety or high costs of conventional implants.


Info: Dental Implants

Implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium or ceramic which are inserted into the bone in a surgical procedure under local anesthesia. These materials are biologically neutral, so they are compatible with the human organism. They actually replace a damaged tooth with the advantage of having full functionality and the feeling of having one’s own teeth back again.

Implants can also be inserted to support an implant prosthesis replacing a large number of teeth. In addition, implants are preventing neighboring teeth from being prepared as abutment teeth to anchor a bridge or a removable prosthesis.

A third function for implants comes into play with full dentures. Here implants have a two-fold advantage of stabilizing the removable full dentures, while also preserving the jaw bone. The prosthesis can be removed easily for cleaning and reinserted. Annoying side effects such as painful pressure points or the need for using oral dental paste is a thing of the past.

One of the most important indications relate to a complete tooth loss – the edentulous upper- and lower jaw. A satisfactory function of a prosthesis can only be achieved with implants. A removable implant supported prosthesis relieves embarrassing side effects and can be cleaned easily. In many cases there is even an option for fixed prostheses on implants. Remember that implants are always preventing the bone from further resorption.


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